Why People in Sydney Are Loving Plantation Shutters

What is the Big Deal about Plantation Shutters?

Have you noticed the increasing popularity of plantation shutters over the last decade? Here is what you need to know about this outstanding window fitting.


Interior shutters are an attractive and versatile design option. They come in a variety of styles, colors, finishes and options for mounting them in place. If you are looking for a sure win interior design look, you can’t go wrong with wood plantation shutters. They go perfectly with every décor option you can think of. Paint them white for a traditional look or go for a natural stain that will compliment any style.

These attractive options are visible from the outside and inside of the home. So consider how the choices of color and style you make will look from the outside. If you have a white home, you will achieve a far better look by choosing a dark color or stain. If this look appears a bit stark, consider adding some fabric window treatments that will add a beautiful flourish to the style.

Brad from Design Plantation Shutters Sydney say that aesthetics are the reason people get plantations – but the reason they love them long-term is there functionality.


Interior shutters can be positioned in a way that allows plenty of light to flow in without allowing prying eyes to glimpse the inside of the home. You can even position them in a way that allows you to see out but prevents others from seeing in.


You can also position your plantation shutters in such a way that will allow for maximum airflow. This is done while still controlling the amount of light that is coming in and securing your privacy. Of course, this trick can also be done with your regular blinds, but the incoming air will make them rattle around too much.

Solid plantation shutters do not have this issue due to their special design. Shutters are the perfect idea because they make no noise. Every other alternative. Like blinds and shades, will inevitably flutter, bang and clank around in the wind. Furthermore, the plantation shutters are far more adjustable than any of these other options.


Custom shutters created by the experts are especially durable. Those made by the Alltone Shutter Company are even supported by an impressive warranty. Furthermore, because they are so long lasting and you will not have to replace them for many years, meaning your intimal investment will last you many years. Other window options will need replacing periodically over the years. But, not plantation shutters, the timeless beauty of these window fittings will never go out of style or need to be replaced as often.

Easy to clean

Interior shutters take no time or attention to keep in perfect conditions. All you need is a damp cloth to occasionally wipe the dust, dirt and grime. Additionally, you will never have to go through the work of taking down the shutters to clean them as you will with other options. All you need is a quick wipe and done. Because the surface area of your plantation blinds is much larger than what you will find on venetian blinds, you will find them much easier to wipe down.

Plantation Shutters Preserve Furniture and Carpets

The plantation shutters in your home are good for protecting the furniture and carpets of your home. You can leave them open or positioned in a way that the sunlight does not fall in the floors and furniture below. UV rays from the sun can bleach carpets and furniture and render the fabrics almost unusable. This deteriorates their aesthetic appeal and can shorten their lifespan. Keeping your furniture and carpets safe from the sun and UV rays is a good way to keep them in perfect conditions for a good amount of time. This is also an economic advantage that avoids the need for replacing costly furnishings and carpets.

Multi Use Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can be used in many other ways than just window fittings. For example, in addition to covering the window, they can be installed over niches of the home. The TV niche is a perfect example. For TVs built into the wall, these shutters can be used to close off the screen display when the TV is not in use. Not only does this look amazing, it helps to reduce the amount of clutter that can collect in this spot. Furthermore, it looks really nice and helps the niche blend perfectly with the rest of the home.

This same idea can be applied to pass-through from kitchen to dining room and other similar architectural features. Shutters add the measure of privacy suitable in a place where visitors or the general public. The privacy is perfect and the passage of light and air makes the entire space bright and airy. You can then open them up when you need to use the pass though and then shut them again for privacy when you are finished.

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